At MC Electric we plan, lay out, install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment that provides light, heat, communications, and power. We perform electrical work required in the building and remodeling of structures. We assemble, install and connect lighting and power systems. Our electricians follow blueprints and specifications to install electrical wires, cables and conduit systems. Our electricians have a good mechanical ability, a thorough knowledge of the principles of electricity, circuitry, and power distribution within a building and familiarity with the materials and techniques of construction. For safety, we follow all local electrical building and safety codes.


MC Electric is fully experienced in all aspects of residential electrical problems and needs. Whether the need is to replace light fixtures or examining a problem with grounding or insufficient power, MC Electric has the experience.


MC Electric is fully experienced in all aspects of the commercial project environment including the demanding quality requirements, levels of complexity, and schedule and cost sensitivity. We understand the nature of commercial operations and the critical elements required for project success.


MC Electric is experienced in handling underground wiring and can ensure that you meet all safety and building code requirements.

MC Electric typically work in large industrial buildings, commercial establishments and high end residential homes.

Background and Experience of President/Owner Matt Borcina